Hillary Mocking Obama

Here's a very disturbing video of Hillary Clinton mocking the hope of the American people.

URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UBuuR62hVAs

This is where things stand on the campaign trail. As things have gotten rough for her numbers, Hillary Clinton has began to throw the mud. First, she tried attacking Barack Obama's politics. And FAILED, as he addressed her baseless accusations logically. Then she tried attacking him personally. And FAILED, as he kept his cool and focused on the facts. Now, she's attacking the hope that she and her campaign had tried to piggy-back on when they saw that that's what the American people wanted. Now, she's backed into a corner and lashing out with politics as usual.

Flip-flopping is the worst mistake you can make in politics, and she has done a 180 on a message of hope which is craved by the people of the United States of America. First, she echoed Obama's message of hope when it served her needs and now she's trying to stone it. Disgraceful, but not unexpected from someone who likes the way the game is currently played in Washington DC.

Also, this won't be the last time we see Clinton lashing out with tooth-and-nail in these coming weeks. She is beginning to feel backed into a corner and is clearly becoming afraid of what that could mean. Her fear is natural. The Fight/Flight response is instinct. However, it is overcoming that instinct which makes your more than an animal.

We should always strive to walk the long and narrow path, not only when it serves our selfish needs. The challenge is not getting 1st place, it is how you run the race (Am I the only one who's seen Disney's Cars?!). We need someone who walks tall through the sludge and stays true to their word. People need to be built up in a time of need, not broken down. We NEED hope. We NEED change.

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