Groundhog Day 2013

Throughout the day today, I thought often of previous Groundhog Days and the experiences and enlightenment that came with them. As Groundhog Day 2013 comes to an end, I find myself thinking about the passage of time. Experience teaches us a great deal about ourselves and, given the right circumstances and encouragement, when can grow and learn everyday.

I continue to value and appreciate the lessons of my own journey -- some of which I have reflected on in recent articles -- and I am hoping and planning an exciting year ahead. However, I am also careful to temper that excitement with the recognition that I would not be able to have such opportunity ahead nor the appreciation of my journey without being mindful of who I am in the present.

By the time this article publishes, I will be watching "Groundhog Day" (again). Like Phil, of the film, repeating the same day countless times while learning to improve himself, I hope to continue to embrace the beauty of each day -- even its familiarity -- and mold myself into the man I want to be in my continued journey. And while I value the significance of this year, for me, I recognize that time continues on and everyday brings with it new growth and opportunity.