Yahoo! LAUNCHcast

I've started using Yahoo! LAUNCHcast for my music needs. You can enjoy My Station as well!



Find out what religion best fits your values and the way you live Life. Take the SELECT SMART RELIGION TEST. The test asks a series of questions, then matches your "dogma" with that of a world religion or philosophy.

I, myself, do not follow any mainstream religion. I find man pollutes spirituality far too much. For a while now I have studied the ancient teachings of Alchemy, to better change the Lead of Self into the Gold of Spirit.

HERE'S MY RESULT FROM THE TEST: According to the SelectSmart.com Belief System Selector, my #1 belief match is Unitarian Universalism.


The Indy Experience.com - The Ultimate Guide to Indiana Jones!

The Indy Experience.com - The Ultimate Guide to Indiana Jones! It's been too long since I've played or watched Indiana Jones. Tonight I took up my xBox controller again and kicked some Nazi ass.

When I first created the unofficial Emperor's Tomb walkthrough. This site was happy to host it. Over time, these guys became my pals, so with due respect I am mentioning them here.