Dodd's amendment gets shelved

The Washington Post has brought my attention to the fact that today the "Senate Protects Telecom Immunity in Spy Bill".

Remember back in October of 2007 when I mentioned that "Senator Chris Dodd gives us hope" in the case against "TeleComs legal immunity for helping the Bush administration spy on US citizens".

Well, he and Russell Feingold later wrote an Amendment that would have "exposed the companies to privacy lawsuits for helping the administration monitor the calls of suspected terrorists without warrants from a special court". Well, today our lovely corrupt little system voted to preserve the TeleComs immunity and shelve Dodd and Feingold's amendment. So now, the investigations into the administration have hit quite a significant road block.

It should definitely be noted that Sen. Barack Obama voted in favor of the amendment (meaning, he voted against the shelving action)! Good job, Obama! Oh, where was Hillary Clinton at that point of critical decision to stand against the corruption in DC? Well, she decided not to vote either way. On the opposite side of the spectrum from Obama's vote, sat Republican candidate hopeful John McCain voting with the majority to shelve the amendment and let the administration continue unhindered.

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