If you're familiar with the IRC chat client or if you'd like to read real quotes from around the Net, then Bash.Org is the place for you. This site takes odd or funny quotes from chatrooms all over the Net and posts them where everyone can share in the joke.


Indy's Web Journal

Indy's Web Journal is complete! Now I-Catchers are sites around the internet that caught my eye and journal entries are my random thoughts and comments throughout the day and throughout life.


Broken Path : An Exploration of Sight and Sound

Almost all of today's surfing can be blamed on this one site: ___Broken Path______An Exploration of Sight and Sound_______. This guy is pretty much me if I were more right-brained, like my girlfriend Laura, for instance.

This site is amazing! Like me, he does music, which is so cool because it fits my taste perfectly, but this guy also does art and some amazing photography. He's definitely got my praise!

Flash Kit, A Flash Developer Resource

Flash Kit, A Flash Developer Resource - Online resource for Macromedia Flash Tutorials SWF FLA images clip art Sounds WAVS Animations Help and Support. The link says it all, but I found this site thanks to a little flash template. Cool loops for mixes if you ask me. I was quite inspired by some of the loops, but that inspiration comes from the next site....

Surfing the web

I think I spent far too much time web surfing today. I've uncovered loads of awesome sites, but wasted much time doing so as well.

Anyway...you get to benefit from approximately 8 hours of surfing I've done today. The next few entries contain some rather entertaining sites. Enjoy!


Age of Mythology Heaven

I found a better site: Age of Mythology Heaven! This place has everything from campaign walkthroughs to fan art! Wow!

Age of Mythology Cheats, codes, hints, tips, reviews, faqs and more cheats

Woohoo! Cheats! Started with yet another game recently. "Age of Mythology". AWESOME! This is my kind of strategy game. Not the simple build up and blow up as we see in Warcraft and Total Annihilation, AOM makes you a god! But not a lame god like one would be in the Sims.

Anyway, I've been playing the campaign for a while and it rocks! I've been sucked into the story. Age of Mythology makes mythology even more fun then just studying it. I searched the net for ways of...um..."making my AOM gaming more enjoyable"... and found this. Actually, I just needed a site to promote AOM with. These cheats should make AOM very fun. muhahaha!

Age of Mythology Cheats, codes, hints, tips, reviews, faqs and more cheats