Groundhog Day 2008

Another Groundhog Day is drawing to a close. As is tradition, I have again watched the "Groundhog Day" film to remind myself to value and consider the impact I might have on the lives of others.

The fact is that Groundhog Day is celebrated on the Celtic holiday Imbolic. Feburary 2nd, in fact, is one of the cross-quarter days. Meaning, this is when a season actually begin. You see, solstices and equinoxes (quarter days) are actually the mid-points of the seasons. (Hence the reason days begin to get longer after the winter solstice and shorter after the summer solstice.)

What's interesting is that cross-quarter days and quarter days are still recognized - though somewhat obscurely - here in the United States of America. See if you can think of the well-know holidays that happen to fall on or around these dates....

2-7 February
25 March
4-10 May
24 June
3-10 August
29 September
5-10 November
25 December

Pretty cool, huh? Well, no matter what your reason is for celebrating during those times, remember to cherish the people around you.

As I know I have mentioned before, Groundhog Day holds a special place in my heart. Thought of very little at the beginning of February, it reminds me that Life can be treated like a time-bomb counting down toward the inevitable detonation of death, or it can be thought of as an exciting journey of shared and exchanged with the world around us. For Time is not our enemy, it is the essential part of Life that gives thrill to each and every moment.

Good night!

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