Extreme Diet Coke and Mentos - Google Video

Made to look like the Belagio fountain in Las Vegas. They did an awesome job! I also agree with their reaction to the Coke. I guess it's only good for putting Mentos in. Long live Pepsi!


Frank Caliendo - Impressions - Google Video

Frank Caliendo is by far the best impressionist I've ever seen!


Beta Testing New INDY.CC interface

I've released a new interface for INDY.CC into public beta testing today. I've been working on its design for a few weeks now. It incorporates Backbase code and iframes into an AJAX rich environment which should be much welcomed by both member and non-member surfers.

This truly is a beta test. So treat it as such. Key surfers have been chosen to report bugs. Also, not all feature are completed, so just sit back and enjoy the ride for now. I'll post more as things develop.