Calif. Dem. Rep. Barbara Lee endorses Obama

Barbara Lee is a California Representative. She has taken the candidate endorsement process very seriously. (As I hope that you have been taking the candidate selection process seriously.) She looked closely at the candidates' statements and campaigns and came to a decision on who she should endorse.

I am convinced that Senator Obama is the candidate who is a real agent of change; a man who can lead our nation in this young century in a new, progressive and positive direction. This century cries for social, environmental, diplomatic, global, and neighborhood solutions to the misery that confronts far too many people in our own country and around the globe. Senator Obama promises leadership to meet these challenges – leadership we have been sorely lacking.

If you'd like to read more about her endorsement and why she made the decision she did, the full text of her endorsement can be found on The Hill Blog: "Obama is the Leader for Our Time (Rep. Barbara Lee)".

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