Plans for INDY's future

In the next year, I am hoping to finally get around to updating many key public areas and features of INDY.cc. As you can clearly see, I have already done some work on migrating what was my journal provided by LiveJournal over to the less bloated and well templated Blogger.

My plan for this new blog is to provide relavent information about INDY.cc development and related material. I will sometimes post about entertaining publicly available content I have stumbled upon, but will stay away from posts focusing on events of my private life unless those events are such that they merit public knowledge.

I look forward to these and other coming developments. And hope that it will help to bring back some surfers who have been turned away by what has become a publicly empty shell, while only the members of INDY.cc have enjoyed new features and updated content.


Firefox - WHEE!


NASA - New and Improved Antimatter Spaceship for Mars Missions

NASA - New and Improved Antimatter Spaceship for Mars Missions

Another step forward in making science fiction become science.


Judas: Traitor or loyal disciple?

Judas: Traitor or loyal disciple?

An interesting discovery that literates a different perspective on the gospels in the new testament.