The future of INDY services

In my entry about a redesign out of necessity, I spoke about server lag and other surrounding database issues. I managed to get many of those problems under control, but discovered a great deal of needed overhaul spots throughout many of my websites.

Mainly, the many services and where they are offered will need to be reevaluated. The most immediate changes will come to the INDY Gallery. Current users will keep the same logins for the Gallery, but there may also be some new features (read: complications) to play with.

More importantly, I will be going back to the original authentication process for INDY members. The basic hard-coded logins were just too basic and too hard-coded, so I'm going back to what we had before. Yes, Dad, you're going to get your "automatic login thingy" back. :^P

I will continue to keep things current here as I go through these overhauls, so keep checking in to see how things are going for the sites. After I overhaul the logins and the Gallery, one of the websites (INDY, T2Adventure, Neternus) is going to have a new design unveiled. Be watching for that news!