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Dungeons & Dragons Heroes @ GameBanshee

So, for Christmas one of the many gifts I got my girlfriend Laura was an xBox game called "Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance". It's a Dungeons & Dragons based third-person RPG, much like Diablo. Anyway, it was a cool game, but it had a few quirks in it that got annoying, but that's not the point. The point is that it really got LK and I into console RPGs, so we went out and got Dungeons & Dragons Heroes. It's an AWESOME game! So much fun compared to Baldur's Gate. Well, recently, my buddy Jimmy came over and we convinced him to join our party. So, there we were on the TV screen: a knight (me), an elven wizard (Laura), and a kickass dwarven cleric (Jimmy).

We are an AWESOME team, but we couldn't find some of the stuff we needed to complete the game LK and I had started. So I hopped online and found this: Dungeons & Dragons Heroes @ GameBanshee . This website provides detailed information about each level, so that you won't miss anything thus increasing your enjoyment of the game. Thank you GameBanshee!