FitDay.com - Public Journal

Dare I make this information public? Yes, I do dare! Remember FitDay.com, the nuitrition site I wrote about earlier this month? Well, I've discovered a neat feature that allows me to make my health journal public. So, here it is: FitDay.com - Public Journal! Now anyone and everyone can see if I've been staying healthy (Don't know who would want to, but I've got nothing to hide). Enjoy, stalkers! :-P

PlanetDiablo - Diablo

Well, I've found yet another awesome Diablo site. This one is entitled PlanetDiablo. I've used some of its hints and tips to help "level-up" my character. I've only been playing for about a week and already I am level 14! Can you believe it?


Diablo Help

So, I've found myself getting into the RPG Diablo lately. I've been progressing through the levels pretty quickly. Problem is that Diablo doesn't have very good descriptions of items in game (the book is very informative). Anyway, I discovered this site while searching for DIGITAL sources of Diablo information. Pretty cool, eh?


FitDay - Your online nutrition, weight loss, diet & fitness manager!

This is quite a site. Recently I have found myself not living as healthy as I would like. In order to improve my daily diet and exercise, I searched the internet for a informative and helpful service. This website is was the best I found. With FitDay's help I'll be back on my way to healthy and stress-free living very soon!


Visual Walkthroughs

Visual Walkthroughs is a site I stumbled across while browsing cheats for Elite Force 2. I'd say they've got quite a nice setup here. I think I'll continue my walkthrough writing and start doing walkthroughs for them.


This is my first ever web log or blog as it's called. Blogger.com provides me with this rather interesting internet service. Let's see where it leads, shall we? Okay! Time to hit "POST"