Dodd endorses Obama

Last year Senator Chris Dodd gave us hope by doing everything he could to stop FISA, a bill intended to give TeleComs immunity for assisting the Bush administration with illegal wiretaps on American citizens. He then wrote an amendment which would have "exposed the companies to privacy lawsuits for helping the administration monitor the calls of suspected terrorists without warrants from a special court". Sadly, Dodd's amendment was later shelved.

However, today's post about Senator Dodd is not all bad news. The Connecticut Senator has again taken a stand for the American people by endorsing Barack Obama. Here's the blurb from the Associated Press:
Sen. Dodd Endorses Obama

CLEVELAND (AP) — Sen. Christopher Dodd of Connecticut has endorsed Barack Obama, his former rival in the Democratic presidential race.

"He's ready to be president and I am ready to support him in this campaign" Dodd said at a joint news conference with Obama.

He said Obama "has been poked and prodded, analyzed and criticized, called too green, too trusting and for all of that has already won" more than half the states and millions of votes.

Dodd was an early dropout in the campaign, quitting after the lead-off Iowa caucuses.

Here's a YouTube Video of the endorsement speech.

URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6DrXRIUlqaY

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