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Groundhog Day 2007

Good morning and happy Groundhog Day!

Believe it or not, Groundhog Day is actually my favorite holiday. Groundhog Day to me is my New Year celebration. No, I don't mean that my calendar begins on February 2nd, I mean that this is the day that I set new goals and aspirations for myself in the coming year. This is a practice very similar to making resolutions on January 1st of each year, but also a rebellion against that as -- stereotypically -- people tend to lose interest or faith in their New Year's resolutions.

My Groundhog Day is a day to catch yourself in your faultering and reset. Get back on track and hit this year running! And this year you might even get an extra bonus as Punxsutawney Phil (the most famous prognosticating groundhog) has predicted an early spring for 2007.

Happy Groundhog Day!