Fedora 12 Upgrade Success

All went well with the upgrade to Fedora 12. I have a few tweaks to make for my end, but everything should be as normal for the website again.

Another upgrade - possible INDY outages

Here's the usual upgrade blather:
I will be upgrading the web server over the course of the next couple days. You may notice some downtime, though it is more likely that the upgrade will only cause a single outage of up to an hour tonight. (As always, any outages will not effect email or the blog, as they are hosted externally.)

Now, I'm going to add something more....
With the way things have gone historically with these upgrades, I'm planned and ready for the worst. If the server's out for a few days, don't worry or be surprised. Just wish me luck.

Alright, Fedora 12. Here we go!