2008 Primaries Current Standings

Looking at the statistics for the INDY Blog has shown me that MANY of my readers are interested in seeing how the numbers of the race are stacking up. Democratic Convention Watch is keeping a good watch on those numbers, but I recently found myself wanting something a bit more concrete. So, I jumped over to Google Docs and made myself a spreadsheet.

Google Docs has a great feature which allows you to publicly publish your documents. So, here it is... my overly detailed spreadsheets of all the democratic and - as of 2008-02-08@14:24 MST - republican party's numbers for the 2008 primary:

I've color-coded some of the cells, so that it's easily visible where some "problem spots" are. What I mean by "problem spots" are places where the people made one choice, but the current political system stacked up against them anyway.

For example, in New Hampshire Clinton won the popular election, but tied Obama for delegates. Another example is shamefully here in Colorado where Obama OWNED Clinton in both the popular vote and pledged delegates, yet hardly any superdelegates have stepped forward to reinforce our voice within this state.
(*ahem* To those superdelegates who are being contrary to their populace: Have you dimwits considered who put you into office in the first place?)

It's statistics like that which bother me. Elections are supposed to be decided by the voters, not the money-munching elite. Hence, why I put this sheet together, to better keep an eye on the game which is being played. So, take a look and enjoy! I plan on updating it quite frequently!

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