Earth Day 2009

Please consider carefully how the actions you take today (and everyday) affect the world around you and of future generations. I'm not asking you to live like a dread locked ancient human surveying the savanna, but do ask yourself some questions when you move through your day.

Here are some suggestions:
"Must I really have that item?" "Do I really need to use the car to get there?" "Should I really drive like this?" "Do I really need bottled water when I have fresh water on tap?" "Is it really necessary to print that?" "Can this be used again?" "Can this be fixed?" "Can I open a window to make it more comfortable in here?"

The point is... think of the NEEDS, not the WANTS. Think of your needs, think of the needs of your children, think of the needs of a sustainable future.

Happy Earth Day! And finally, remember to say, "I love the World!"


What does it mean to be free?

The Linux Foundation recently put together a competition to design an ad for the Linux operating system. The winner has now been announced. I think it is wonderful, even beyond the implications of the operating systems' market, the ad asks a very deep question: What does it mean to be free?

URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qWEIQIv8zvY