Groundhog Day 2010

Today is actually May 2nd 2010; three months after this year's Groundhog Day. It just doesn't seem right to let the year pass without writing something in recognition of my favorite holiday.

This year, on "Groundhog Day", I want to acknowledge the transitory nature of Life; the series of moments, one leading into the next. It's so easy to become complacent in our efforts and make believe that our place in Life becomes a sort of fixture. Rationality contradicts that complacency though, we know that Life is fluid and ever-changing. (Sometimes that hurried flow can sweep us away; as it has with me as far as not writing this blog entry for these past months.)

Despite the tendency to speed impetuously through Life, we should be "present" in every moment of Life as it passes and treasure its' beauty in our memory once it is gone. However our lives may change in the moments that follow, we somehow manage to also live on in an infinite number of immutable states through our cherished memories.