Is McCain really the McSame as Bush?

John McCain has an upstanding military record, he has had to stand firm against the criticism of both Republicans and Democrats, he has a strong environmental policy, and he tries very hard to weigh out his options before making a decision. He is a successful middle-right candidate and some people would find him preferable to Hillary Clinton (if she were to win the Democratic nomination).

I'm not going to even think of what choice I would make, if I were stuck choosing between either Clinton or McCain at this point. (Especially since I stand firmly by the side of Barack Obama.)

However, I will say that I'm a little uneasy with how McCain has supported and assisted George W. Bush in moving things the direction they have been taken these last 8 years. And, apparently, I'm not the only one, as demonstrated by the Campaign to Defend America ad which I've included below.

I am no fan of negative campaign ads, and I will heartily call out those who would demean someone simply for personal or political gain. So, I scrutinized this ad before choosing to post it. Therefore, I discerned that because this ad stayed focused on the specific political issues on which McCain has agreed with Bush and it did not attack his character as an admirable individual, I will let it through. (Plus, as an AV guy, I'm impressed by how the ad has visually shown what would possibly be the political result of such similarities between McCain and Bush.)

URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cN10_6pyshQ

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