Clinton wins Ohio, Rhode Island, Texas Primaries

Last night Hillary Clinton won the Ohio (54% to 44%), Rhode Island (58% to 40%), and Texas primaries (51% to 47%). (The results are still coming in for the Texas caucus.) Barack Obama has - thus far - won Vermont (60% to 39%). (The numbers are still coming in for Vermont as well.)

I'd recommend taking a look at my spreadsheets directly ("2008 Primaries Current Standings"), but - for quick reference - here's a screen capture of the main page for my Democrats spreadsheet (as of 2008-03-05@09:45 MST).

As someone who very carefully chooses where to place my vote. Based on a politican's record, character, and kindness, it has been very tempting for me to become depressed by last night's results. In fact, I won't say that I haven't lost heart for a few moments over the last couple of hours. It has been very rough seeing Clinton's recent negative campaign tactics yielding an increase in her votes. I had thought Americans had learned to see past those underhanded overused and politically meaningless insults. But, it is no matter. I still have HOPE! And the same hope I hold to is shared by millions of other people around the globe.

The people of the United States of America are awakening. The power is with us - the people. We are saying "Yes, WE Can", not "Yes, she will" (new Clinton chant heard in Ohio last night) because the change must come from the people, of the people. And WE the people of the United States of America, want to see someone who will stand for us in Washington DC.

So, now our eyes now turn to Wyoming. This Democratic primary has given every person a voice. The votes of every state have made a difference. So, please, don't just watch while the people who should echo your voice throughout the globe are chosen for you. Make your voice heard and make your vote count. No matter who you support. It is you who decides who governs the USA.

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