INDY Poll: When do you ride your bicycle during the year?

Today marked the first "official" day of my riding season. I had to start quite late this year because my bike was pretty banged up with how poorly I have been riding it for the past 3 years. Apparently, my taste for gears, which give me lots of resistance and speed, broke the rear axle and pitted the bearings like the repairman had never seen before.

I'm glad to be back to riding now. My primary purpose for bike riding is for commuting to and from work. I love the relaxing acceleration / deceleration to my days. This weeks INDY Poll is on the topic of bike riding. When do you ride during the year? I would ride year-round if I could, but - riding frequently with my daughter - I have to be more aware of the discomfort of inclement weather.

INDY Poll: When do you ride your bicycle during the year?
- Year-round! "Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night..."
- As often as I can, except in inclement weather conditions.
- When I feel like it in good weather. (Commuting or for sport.)
- On the weekends for recreation or sport.
- I hardly ever have the chance, but I enjoy it.
- I don't enjoy riding. / I never ride.

I'm sorry I didn't have a poll last week. I honestly could think of any worth-while idea. In fact, I didn't even come up with this one. My wife did. :-)

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