Earth Hour Commentary

As I had hoped, the time spent in recognition of Earth Hour last night was very relaxing. Because my family and I are very energy conscious (e.g. all gadgets are unplugged when not in-use, etc.), the conversion to Earth Hour simply consisted of turning off the lights of the room we were in and lighting the candles we had around our condo.

So, beginning at 20:00 (8pm) MDT, we sat together in the soothing darkness. Toward the end of the hour, my daughter was nearly asleep so we put her to bed. My wife and I decided to just leave things as they were and spend the remainder of our evening enjoying the candle-lit darkness.

There was something deeply revitalizing in that darkness; a sort of connecting meditative state which brought our focus back to the human part of our relationship. We now plan to decrescendo in our sunless hours more consistently.

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