Ditch Daylight saving time

I've been saying this for years, but I'm quite happy to see it gaining popularity in the mainstream: Daylight saving time is actually just a waste of time.

It was a National Geographic article which prompted my attention to this today ("Extended Daylight Saving Time Not an Energy Saver?"). In addition to the lack of energy saving, I have a few reasons for which I dislike DST. Rather than reiterate them here I'd encourage you to read the Wikipedia article on "Daylight saving time", in which the pros and cons are clearly stated and the many studies are cited.

Daylight saving time became even more of an annoyance for me when the Bush Administration decided to have it extended. Something which, the public was told, would help us to conserve more; when in fact it increases society's energy (e.g. oil, coal, etc.) and materials (e.g. shopping, services, etc.) consumption.

I realize that this post will fall on many a deaf ear. The falsities that DST "saves" energy, eases our sleep schedules, and boosts the economy are still firmly rooted in the mind of America. Therefore, it is highly unlikely that the practice of moving the hands of the clock will stop in the foreseeable future. A sad fact, but - like the imperial measurement system or the combustion engine - it's a artifact of "tradition" that people just aren't willing to let go of, even if there is a cleaner and simpler option available.

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