Obama sees an America I want to see (Guest Blog)

My sister was able to attend Barack Obama's visit to Denver yesterday. What follows, is her guest entry about the experience.

Walking into the Richie Center today was unlike any ordinary day I've experienced at DU. I awoke to cheering, but thought nothing of it. When I looked out my window though, I was shocked! The whole sidewalk leading into the Arena was crowded with people! I hurried to get ready and ran to stand in line. Before I knew it, I was filled with the excitement of the people around me. All I could think was, "Obama. Wow!" The people around me were quite diverse, but they were all here for the same purpose, a purpose they believe in, that they can find with Obama as President.

All of the Richie Center was full; Magness arena was filled to the top, no chair was empty! Even the overflow gym and the lacrosse field - which I practice on everyday - was being used to host the overflow audience. Throughout the crowd, people chanted rhythmically, "O-BA-MA". The excitement and enthusiasm coursed through the audience.

As a few well-known celebrities began the event, the intensity of the audience grew. The wave began circling the gymnasium, and chants overpowered the speakers. Then, finally, Obama walked in. The crowd went wild. He looked so calm and relaxed as he shook hands and took pictures with what seemed like everyone around him. His speech was so moving, filled with inspiration, hope, and a refreshing whim of change. He responded very well to the audience. He spoke with his heart and with a sincere intent to follow through with what he was saying.

The crowd quieted during his speech, and the enthusiasm did not even seem to fade after it was over. We were so motivated, not only to elect him as President, but also to tell our friends about him. To start change ourselves.

I believe Obama sees an America that I want to see, he shares a dream with each and every on of us. Most of all, Obama wants that change. He wants people to help people. He is ready to change the world we are living in, and it seems that nothing can stop him from doing so.

The time for this change is now, and like the repetitive cheer I heard throughout the event, "Yes, We Can" bring that change.

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