Current delegate standings for the 2008 primaries

EDIT: For further updates on the current standings of the 2008 Primaries, go to my post titled "2008 Primaries Current Standings"

I'm very busy during this time of year, so it's become increasingly difficult to find time to post notes about on-going events. Be that as it may, I wanted to briefly point out the delegate standings for Barack Obama and the other remaining candidates.

Unfortunately, I was able to watch the results as they came in for Nevada or South Carolina, but I was quite pleased to see that Obama won the most pledged delegates of any of the democratic candidates in both states (13 in Nevada and 25 in South Carolina).

You can find a great layout of the election stats here: http://news.yahoo.com/election/2008/dashboard/

Here are the current standings of the remaining candidates in the primaries:
(Remember, it's the delegates that matter, as I pointed out in my previous post titled "Clinton's New Hampshire victory not enough to tie Obama with pledged delegates")

Barack Obama: 63
Hillary Clinton: 48
John Edwards: 26

Mitt Romney: 59
Mike Huckabee: 40
John McCain: 36
Ron Paul: 4

Next up on the calendar is Florida, but it's one of the states in violation of the election rules of both parties, so it may end up having no delegates for the Democrats and only half for the Republicans. After Florida comes Super Tuesday, when all the remaining states will makes their voices heard.

And, readers, your voices better be among them!

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