McCain wins all delegates in Florida

It appears that John McCain has taken all available delegates in Florida. Remember, Florida was penalized by both the Democrats and Republicans for moving the date of their primary before February 5th. The penalty from the Democrats was completely ignoring their delegates, the penalty from the Republicans was allowing only half of Florida's delegates (normally 114, now 57).

Well, John McCain won ALL 57 delegates by beating Romney in popular votes by 5%! That puts the Republican standings as follows:

John McCain: 93
Mitt Romney: 59
Mike Huckabee: 40
Ron Paul: 4

And Rudy Giuliani? Well, he's decided to drop out of the race. (A sad day for witch-hunting oil-bedeviled fear-mongers everywhere.)

Next on my agenda? Barack Obama is at Magness Arena on the University of Denver's campus today! I wish I could be down there myself, but I'm not too upset about it since my sister goes to school there. Hopefully, she'll be willing to tell me about it - maybe even provide me with a guest blog entry of sorts.

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