Tau and equality

Periodically, on June 28th, I draw attention to Tau Day, a concept in math which helps "round" out learning angles and waves. Only two days ago on June 26th, another date worth remembering occured: the Supreme Court of the United States of America has "held that state recognition of same-sex marriage is a constitutional right under the Fourteenth Amendment" [Wikipedia: "Obergefell v. Hodges"]. While I, personally, am unaffected by this decision, I do think it's an important advance in equality in the USA and I'm glad this country has chosen to see the LGBT community as I always have: equal and able to pursue what they love.

Coupled with this landmark court decision, I think we should recognize the mathematical unity of the circle of hands being joined around the United States of America these last few days. Earlier this year the "Ultimate [Half Tau] Day" (aka Pi Day) occurred and in my writing I drew attention again to how using Tau can help people understand circles, angles, and waves with ease.

Here's an entertaining overview of Tau by DNews:

URL: https://youtu.be/kmnogV9S7b8

Additionally, I invite you to watch the long version of the Tau Manifesto talk below or you can take a smaller slice of the pie by jumping back to the Half Tau article to watch the short version. Either way, let's remember the significance of June 26th as we move forward as a country and the significance of June 28th as we attempt new mathematical understanding. Through both politics and math we will find new ways to overcome obstacles and inequality both in human rights and in math education.

URL: http://youtu.be/H69YH5TnNXI

Read more about Tau here: http://www.tauday.com/

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