Friendship and the adventure of life

Earlier this evening, I spent some time with a pair of long-time friends who will soon be off on a new adventure in life. Last year, when writing A chapter ends, the story continues, I said that "Life is nothing without the people in it, the experiences we have, and the relationships we form through each chapter."

With that perspective always in mind, it was easy not to spend my time saying goodbye to my friends with sadness. We looked ahead with eagerness on the opportunities we can create with eachother in the future and the memories we’ve shared together in our past.

The words of my character are shown right on the front page of my website:
Life is a journey through exciting challenges and breath-taking experiences. I try to embrace the fun and adventure of each day and strive not to take things too seriously.
There will be significant transitions in my life this month. So many chapters will be ending, but -- as I said in that article last Spring -- the story will continue. I welcome both the celebrations and the hardships which are ahead because each will bring value and enrichment to the adventure of life.

Yes, it will be painful to say goodbye to people who have meant so much to me. Yes, it will ache every time I'm reminded what was, but is no more. However, that pain and those aches will stand as monuments to adventures and people well-remembered.

We remember best the things we feel the most. My greatest adventures are the ones that I experienced with significance. Whether that significance comes from suffering, elation, or even repetition, those memories are truly felt when reflected upon. If there’s advice I can emphasize while I stand at the bow of my metaphorical ship, staring into the storm ahead, it’s this: Trust your instincts and skills. Respect and embrace your challenges. Love with all your heart. And, most of all, live. Really LIVE. Every moment of this life is your adventure.

Photo by Indy. The fedora after a unforgettably cold and challenging adventure.

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