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I am quite impressed and encouraged by the positive response I've received over the last ten days regarding my posts on the International System of Units (SI). I admit that I presented a lot of information; I hope I succeeded in presenting it in a simple - and more importantly - considerate manner.

The concept of "key conversion points" should be beneficial to many people. Personally, I kept a laminated copy of points in my pocket while I retrained my brain a few years ago. Additionally, I found it extremely helpful to make changes to SI (or both) wherever possible (e.g. HVAC thermostat, weather reports, websites, GPS, etc.). Finally, I prepared myself for the long haul of making the change.

There are certainly those who will roll their eyes or ridicule you for using SI, but know this.... You are the one who can travel internationally with ease; you are the one whose superiors will look to when you need to interface with a team overseas; you are "bilingual" in measurements.

Congratulations. Let us hope that soon those who use SI in the USA are not the exception, but the rule.

Index of Ultimate Metrication Day articles:
2010-10-10: The Ultimate Metrication Day - Recognizing the "Ultimate Metrication Day"
2010-10-11: Getting in the Metric Mind-set - Changing mental habits
2010-10-12: It's still cold whether °C or °F - Temperature measurements
2010-10-13: Covering all our bases - SI prefixes and their use
2010-10-14: Going the distance - Measures of length (meters, miles, feet, etc.)
2010-10-15: Mass makes the world go 'round - Calculating mass/weight (kilograms, pounds, etc.)
2010-10-16: Not loud, just spacious - Volume units (liters, gallons, fluid ounces, etc.)
2010-10-17: Conversation and display - How to fit SI units into daily use
2010-10-18: Diverting for a time - A short introductory presentation about "Decimal Time" (which has no official tie to the International System of Units)
2010-10-19: Compatibility and consistency - Presenting the importance of moving toward a Metric America

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