INDY.CC Updates: Weather and more preferences

I really need to get back on track with updated blog entries on a regular basis. I apologize for how useless my blog has become for what it is supposed to be: a place for updates about the INDY.CC websites. I will attempt to restart after my blogging stall today....

I recently made some updates to some of the INDY.CC member's areas. First, I added a few new preferences to your profile (e.g. pressure, volume, and more date selections). I also added a "Favorite Weather Underground Station ID", allowing members to set a favored station to receive weather information from.

I then used those new features to update both the My INDY page with a Weather graph display and the Trip Tracker with automatic lookup of same day ambient temperature. This means that you can now use a specified Weather Underground Station ID and the Time of Day of your trip to automatically enter the ambient temperature during that trip. If I find that these features are a bit confusing to use or understand, I'll post more information on them here in the future.

Now for a bit of a help request.... I'd very much like to add more non-member features to INDY and other associated sites. If you have any ideas or suggestions about what you would like to see, please let me know.

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