INDY Media - A place for all things media

Well, here it is... INDY Media. Due to popular demand, I have thrown together a location for game and media related activities, content, and news. This began as an idea from a friend for a easily accessible location for narratives of our Dungeons and Dragons RPG sessions, but quickly expanded into a full fledged stand-alone blog for all things media related from INDY. (Thanks to Google's Blogger, this was not a difficult process.)

I will be populating the blog portion of this new location as quickly as possible, beginning with the narrative for last Sunday's Dungeons and Dragons session. Eventually, you will also find reviews of games and movies, and updates of my progress with the other Indiana Jones games' walkthroughs here as well.

Keep an eye on the labels area! As things build in here it may quickly become the easy way to find the content you are looking for. Good luck to you and hopefully some for me too as I attempt to keep yet another thing updated.

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