We'll still be the third planet from the sun!

In this bit of International Astronomical Union (IAU) News we learn that there may be a new classification of planets coming soon to schools near you. I've embedded a video I uploaded to Google from the IAU website. It's a fly-by of the possibly "new" 12 planets!

I view this as an exciting and welcomed change. I've long awaited the recognition of bodies at the far reaches of our system as planets. Especially since some are larger than Pluto [wiki]. It has also perplexed me as to why Pluto's partner Charon [wiki] was never made a planet until now.

The IAU address these questions and more in the linked article. I hoped you'll follow the link and at least skim the summary of changes we may be seeing very soon and view some great graphics of the planets (both "old" and "new").

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