Microsoft Drops The Ball on IE7 Standards Compliance

It comes as no surprise that Idealog: Microsoft Drops The Ball on Internet Explorer 7 Standards Compliance. I have always thought that IE was the bane of the web. I had hoped that IE7 would help heal some of the wounds, but it only managed to dump salt into them.

Visitors of INDY.CC may have noticed that I have gradually made it more and more difficult to use my site in IE. IE7 has only served to accelerate this process.

I am awaiting a new version of the markup language standard called XHTML (currently the website is perfect XHTML 1.1), when that new standard is made public I WILL strictly comply with it. I have already ran tests with it and know that IE does not "render" it correctly. So be ready and "browse happy" now!

I, personally, use and highly recommend Firefox for all your web browsing needs. As can be read in the posted article, Firefox is far more compliant than IE.

If you find yourself in a situation where you are forced to use IE (e.g. public library, friends house, etc.), spread the word and let the managers of that location know that there are better options than IE.

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