Return to writing

Writing these blog articles is only a hobby and the rewards are merely self-gratification and the organization/sifting of personal ideas. Therefore, it ranks lower in my priorities and significance than life priorities with greater meaning and enrichment. However, the organization of personal ideas eventually becomes more meaningful as those ideas pile up. And, recently, I've been sitting on a few writing ideas and allowing too many opportunities to write pass me by.

It's time to write down some of the thoughts that have been baking in my mental oven and free myself from the pressure building up in my mind. So, I'm going to begin publishing these articles and, if necessary, back-dating the ones that should have specific events associated with them. I'm not sure how they will appear on my social media and RSS feeds, but I'm hoping I can arrange the impending tempest to be more of a drizzle than a hurricane. Either way, the storm is coming so grab your umbrellas and maybe even get ready to swim.

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