Groundhog Day and Donuts

As I enjoy my Groundhog Day reflection and introspection today, a comic I recently read comes to mind. It was made by an artist named Pablo Stanley on the subject of "Life and Donuts".

One part which stands out most prominently in my mind:
"That donut is not forever, but we are given the chance to savor every bite of it."
As is my personal tradition, I enjoyed watching the film "Groundhog Day" today. In the film, the main character Phil Connors repeats the same day ad infinitum. As I reflect on the events and excitement of my year, especially those written about in my article "Panic, luck, and control", I note the significance and importance of the time that we have right here in the present. Phil's donut was never-ending, but -- as the comic said -- ours is not forever. Not everyone remembers to savor every bite of their donut, sometimes only realizing how delicious it is as they take the last bite.

I wonder what deliciousness might not be enjoyed, if one were to have a never-ending donut. Perhaps it is nature of our limited time which gives it so much value. If we remember to take the time to enjoy each bite of our donut, that effort might make the next bite taste even better than the last. Our donut may not last forever, but our enjoyment of it can increase without end if we have the right perspective to allow it.

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