Photography on Flickr

The universe is filled with a multitude of wonders. Some have existed for billions of years, others last only a moment. Today, I'd like to begin sharing some of the moments with you through my Flickr photostream.


I've often been fascinated by the discovery of unique places and experiences. I take hundreds of photos whenever I find myself in those new and captivating situations. In fact, I catalog thousands of photos every year, but only share a few when I think it's relevant and/or sought out. That said, my photostream is not an attempt to share every moment; rather, I hope to use it to showcase those photos in which the visual moment looks one-of-a-kind.

Within my photostream, you'll find images of a variety of wildlife, places, events, and experiences. Some images are of things astronomically large and in the vastness of space, others are of things barely visible or often unnoticed. Whether it's a view from a summit or into the eyes of a curious creature, I hope my photos can provide you with a glimpse of the wonders of our universe and inspire you to value every moment of your own extraordinary life.

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