Survival Guide series

I am launching a new series of blog entries intended to guide readers in a variety of survival techniques. This, so called, "Survival Guide" series is my attempt at providing readers with the type of knowledge I think is fundamental to the survival of the independent human animal when facing "extreme" situations.

Beginning tomorrow (the day of the June solstice), I will publish a new "Survival Guide" on the INDY Blog every four days until July 31st, the day before the cross-quarter day of Northern Hemisphere Autumn (Southern Hemisphere Spring). The subjects covered will range from interesting "tricks" useful anywhere to skills necessary in obtaining basic needs in challenging situations.

My knowledge of these subjects has come from various sources. I credit the most impact to my lifelong involvement with the Boy Scouts of America (from Tiger Cub all the way through to Eagle Scout and Venture Scouts). I've also always been interested in testing the limits of the human body and mind; a study of the basic needs is essential to that understanding. I will be cross-checking my techniques in the various manuals I have and with some internet resources, if I find any that offer good visuals or more detail I'll be sure to link to them in the related article.

At the least, I hope you will tuck these tips away in the back of your mind, so that you can have them should you need them.

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