INDY login with OpenID

Today, I'm proud to announce a new feature for existing INDY members.
If you're an INDY member, you can now "attach" one or many OpenIDs to your INDY account. This will allow you to log into INDY using your credentials from those sites.

As of the publishing of this post (2011-04-25 @ 16:00), the OpenID sites you can use are:
- Google
- OpenID
- Yahoo!
- Twitter
- Facebook
This simplicity this feature offers serves a dual purpose: it eases your login process to the INDY site and allows you to set a more secure authorization through OpenID(s).

I encourage all current INDY members to attach at least one OpenID to their account as soon as possible. At the least, this will give you "a second set of keys" should you forget the password for your INDY account. You can find the OpenID manager in the "My INDY" section. Look in the third row of navigation links.

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