INDY Adventure Map updates

Over the weekend I made some adjustments to the map appearing on the main page of the Adventure section (http://www.indy.cc/adventure/). In addition, I updated the location which allows INDY members to indicate the places they've visited around the world. (Members can now mark places they've visited, even if those places no longer exist on a map. e.g. the USSR, Yugoslavia, etc.)

The map, viewable to all, is an implementation of a Flash product created by Antanas (www.ammap.com). This weekend I created a new world map for the Adventure section which uses a Fuller projection [wikipedia: Dymaxion Map] to display the continents with nearly accurate surface areas.

I think the Fuller projection is a much nicer 2D presentation of our planet as there is little distortion -- such as the distortion which makes Greenland look larger than Africa on many maps. Additionally, the viewer is able to see all of the continents laid out on a single plain (including Antarctica).

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