Within the past week, I have moved much of the underlying code of INDY.CC from XHTML 1.1 [wikipedia] to HTML 5 [wikipedia].

What does this mean to you? Well, if things are done right, you shouldn't really notice any differences, rather features will "just work" and without you needing to download/install random proprietary plug-ins (e.g. Flash or Silverlight).

You will need to take one step though: you need to get yourself a better browser, one which can interpret HTML 5.
Here are the browsers whose current versions can interpret (the most valuable parts of) HTML 5: Firefox, Opera, and Safari. I expect more browsers will step up in the future, though it's no surprise that Microsoft's Internet Explorer isn't on this list.

As an aside, if you use a browser that cannot interpret HTML 5, websites which use it will still load decently in your browser. (You just might have to fight with your computer in order to get what HTML 5 gives naturally.)

So, go find the most recent version of your favorite browser (or pick a real favorite [browse happy] if you claim that IE is your current favorite). I'll be adding more tweaks to INDY which will use HTML 5 as time goes on, for now I recommend that members check out the videos in the Gallery which are using the new HTML 5 video tag.

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