Strategy vs. Impulse

Your boss comes into your office, you're now tasked with heading up a new division. You've made the big time. You've been given a great responsibility, people have started looking to you to guide them.

Weeks later, an important decision is placed before you. It's something your superiors have placed a great deal of investment in. You're called into a meeting with your boss and a handful of other division heads. The time is at hand to make the call, but you're receiving a bit of push-back from the other divisions. Your boss watches you intently wondering what you plan to do.

How do you respond? Do you consider your words, weigh-out the alternatives? Or do you lash out angrily at the nearest opponent?

Have your answer ready? Well, then it's time to consider this:

URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fAyK-enrF1g

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