Obama has 50% of delegates

After last night's votes from Kentucky and Oregon and the last three days filled with many superdelegate endorsements, Obama has finally reached the mark of 50% of the delegation's votes!

Keep in mind that delegates are not required to vote for than individual they "pledge" (pledged delegates) or "endorse" (super delegates). So, unless one of the remaining candidates chooses to leave the race, we're not through yet! I think it's time to queue up the Yes We Can Song!

Delegates: 1500.5 Clinton, 1657.5 Obama
Superdelegates: 277.5 Clinton, 304.5 Obama
Total Delegates: 1778 Clinton, 1962 Obama

% Total Available: 45.32% Clinton, 50.01% Obama

(You can visit my Democratic Primaries 2008 spreadsheet for more details and updates to these numbers.)

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