PartiallyClips Comic "Indians Marching"

I enjoy reading many Webcomics, one of which is PartiallyClips. I particularly enjoyed this specific strip from that comic and thought that others might as well: PartiallyClips - "Indians Marching"

PartiallyClips Comic - 'Indian's Marching'. Transcript of text included below.
One Bull: "Why are the whites so intent on conquest? Why can't they settle in one place?"
Friend: "They always were an agressive people, One Bull. But now they cannot help it. Colonialism has made them frantic.
One Bull: Mad for wealth and power, you mean?
Friend: No. Think about it.... Tea. Tobacco. Chocolate. Coffee. Cocaine. Every land they conquer brings them a new stimulant.
One Bull: So they've become--
Friend: The most violent and jittery people on Earth.

This explains a lot about our "civilization" in general, doesn't it? (NOTE: It is ironic that such a word should be used to describe many current human societies, when many seem to lack the very core of that word: civility.)

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